Joyce Winslow

Winslow brings five years of senior-level proposal writing and management to multi-million dollar proposals, IDIQs, White Papers, and other responses to RFPs that will be scored against competitors by a corporation or government procurement office. Her work spans all Cabinet-level agencies, State agencies, Fortune 100 corporations, and foreign governments.


Assistant Director of Proposal Writing at Accenture

Reston, VA 2006-2009

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company with 152,000 people in 49 countries. Winslow worked with Subject Matter Expert teams across this spectrum to create and edit proposals that differentiated Accenture from the competition in strategy and solutions, adherence to desired metrics, past experience and performance on similar projects, and unique benefits. She wrote executive summaries noted for clarity and persuasion. She coached presenters for oral competitions and wrote slide presentations and videos to align with a prospective client’s needs, challenges, and culture.

Winslow also translated technical or scientific solutions into accessible, clear language in ways that helped assure clients of measurable progress and achievable results. She worked on hundreds of proposals that won contracts in every Cabinet-level federal agency, and the corporate sector. A partial list follows for which Winslow earned Citations of Excellence.

Citations of Excellence for Significant Contributions
to US Government Wins

GSA ALLIANT GWAC, a ten-year IDIQ with a $50 billion ceiling for management and integrated IT solutions, infrastructure, and application services for civilian, defense and intelligence agencies.

US Department of Agriculture Financial Management Modernization Initiative, and seven days of orals, demos, and hands-on training and simulated help desk. A ten-year contract to help the USDA with financial management across its diverse enterprise to enable better decision-making and stewardship.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Human Development Technology and Services Contract to improve service and standardize processes across the directorate, and to integrate personnel data, reduce costs and enhance economies of scale.

US Army Forces Command, Field and Installation Readiness and Support Team Contract of $36 billion over 20 years to improve logistics systems and transform combat power projection with innovative technology.

US Department of the Interior, IT Operations and Support Contract to collect and disburse $10 billion in annual royalties for oil, gas, and solid minerals extracted from Federal and Native American lands.

US Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency, five-year IDIQ worth up to $250 million for a wide range of Information Resource Management support services including administering and managing farm commodities, credit, conservation, disaster and loan programs, and the economies of the agricultural industry through a network of Federal, State, and County offices across the country.

Department of the Navy, Sea Enterprise Business Transformation Initiative Contract, a five-year multi-award IDIQ to transform the Navy’s IT processes to save money and recapitalize its aging fleet.

AMTRAK, a $160 million, three-year contract for a Strategic Asset Management Initiative, funded in large part by Congress, to streamline IT, administration, resources, and rapid procurement of needed parts. This proposal involved satisfying the concerns of 21 separate unions and a work force averse to change. Winslow wrote sections to assuage these concerns, and substantially edited the bulk of the proposal. She also wrote a video that Accenture used in the final oral competition and that AMTRAK executives later showed to all its employees to help allay their concerns.

“Joyce re-wrote the entire video script – taking something awful and turning it into something very good. It was the type of effort that can make the difference between winning and losing a deal. We received fantastic support and high quality efforts from Joyce and appreciate it.” Matt Tait, Senior Partner

In addition, Winslow worked on dozens of proposals that resulted in multi-million dollar contracts for the following entities:

Defense Logistics Agency, Business Systems Modernization six-year, $390 million contract.

Accenture Supply Chain Contracts for Oil and Gas Industries

Transportation and Freight Contracts

United States Postal Service Contracts valued at billions of dollars

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

State Medicare/Medicaid IT and HR Contracts

NYC 311 Phone Help Line Expansion Contract

State Tax and other Agency Contracts

IRS Contracts

High Security Contracts for US Intelligence Services

Foreign Corporate Contracts including Sainsbury, The Bank of Scotland, and the London Stock Exchange

Celebrating Performance Award
for Fortune 100 Brochures

Winslow received a special monetary award for outstanding work to create and write specifically targeted, content-rich brochures given to the CEOs of Accenture’s top 25 clients during the economic recession. No direction was given to her other than to help retain these clients when their funds were tight.

Award Performance Factor: Analyzes and Solves Poorly Defined Problems. Outcome: “Joyce quickly figured out how to create a model, delineated what information the brochures needed to convey, worked closely with subject matter experts, and completed seven brochures quickly.


Growth in an Uncertain Economy
Operational Excellence in an Economic Downturn
Operational Excellence and How to Continue It
Channel Development
Using Customer Experience for Competitive Advantage
Rapid and Sustained Cost Management
How to Price Smarter in Uncertain Times

Samples of Accenture Annual Performance Reviews


 “Joyce was instrumental in our signature win at Amtrak. Her writing and editorial skills, along with her very creative idea generation, was critical to differentiating ourselves from the competitive field. She was not only instrumental to the team, but to me personally in preparing for the orals presentation, which I was positioned to lead. As a result of the work we did together, I subsequently asked Joyce to prepare a course in effective writing that I could use in the transportation/supply chain practice I run. We ran a trial section in December for my Senior Manager corps, which was very effective and very well received. Joyce is an excellent writer, communicator, and teacher.” Brooks A. Bentz, Senior Partner

“Joyce is excellent at her job. She asks questions to clarify the objectives behind an activity or deliverable and proposes solutions that reflect strategic business needs and/or industry best practices that emphasize how we can deliver value to the client. She uses internal and external knowledge resources to obtain information or build skills and teaches others how to approach a task and add value. She responds quickly and thoroughly to requests and inquiries, keeps commitments, and is not afraid to elevate what the proposal needs to address. Bottom line: Joyce is great. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.” Bradley Canel, Senior Manager

Bank of Scotland

“Joyce worked side-by-side with me to create a slide presentation for my proposal. She listened to what each slide meant to accomplish and then translated that information into a client benefit with shorter, tighter language. She helped me be more specific about how Accenture would add value and coached me for my oral presentation. She had the ability to quickly synthesize key selling points from our content and reworded the entire presentation so I was able to succinctly iterate key points. Her work was fast, factual, and persuasive. I had her coach my whole team and invited her to fly to Toronto to coach us on site. She was excellent in producing a quality presentation, and had a great interpersonal style.” Maria E. Veyon, Senior Executive

United States Postal Service and US Army Proposals

“Joyce was impressive in her tenacity and willingness to go above and beyond to make our proposal efforts successful. She created templates for past performance client references, which was a difficult task and key to winning the deal. She pursued client references, talking to CEOS of corporations to get them to agree to be references, including AT&T, Verizon, and Bank of America and garnered ten more. She led the effort to develop a detailed solution, coached every member of the writing team, some of them twice. She created new headlines, caption heads, winning themes, and benefits boxes. She added content in many cases. She wrote whole value-added sections, and helped create our orals slides content and graphic look.” James T. Murray, Senior Executive

NY State Medicare IT System

“Joyce wrote a proposal outline and an Executive Summary to give me a vision for our proposal. She then edited my version substantially, collating and organizing sections to create a more solid proposal that could be scored to our advantage. Joyce was enthusiastic, creative, most helpful, and fun to work with. I look forward to working with Joyce on future projects.” M.L. Jablonowski, Senior Manager  

United Nations ERP Proposal

“Joyce provided support in three areas: 1. She worked with the client account team to understand the role of each subcontractor and explained it with authorization from the subcontractors; 2. She provided a substantive edit of the entire proposal, striking a balance between providing needed changes without impacting the meaning of the original statements; 3. She identified areas where the proposal needed proof points by identifying unsubstantiated statements and suggesting content (where Accenture had done a particular task successfully before) based on her knowledge of other proposal efforts. We were pleased with Joyce’s performance. She is very professional in her approach and a pleasure to work with. She gets things done in a timely and effective manner.” N. Bussolati, Senior Manager


Freelance Proposal Writing

Hewlett-Packard, Reston, VA, 2011. Proposal to Provide IT to the Centers for Disease Control. Winslow wrote some sections and the Executive Summary.

CDM Corporation, Bethesda, MD, 2005-2006. Winslow wrote and/or edited two proposals to wins. Proposal 1. State Systems Technical Assistance Project for Single State AOD Agencies. Proposal 2. Improving Internal and External Web-Based Information for the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals. Winslow’s experience as media spokesperson and liaison in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) was instrumental in writing proposals that spoke directly to the needs of that Agency.

Rosenthal Partners, Bethesda, MD, a full-service advertising and marketing firm, 2006-2009. Proposal 1. The Maryland State Lottery: Advertising and Marketing Services. Winslow wrote the entire proposal except two sections: the actual creative advertising campaign, and its pricing. The proposal came in second in a large field of more than a dozen top ad agencies. Proposal 2. Maryland Energy Administration Advertising and Research Services.

Footsteps to Brilliance, Washington, DC, 2010. Department of Education Childhood Educational Initiative RFP. Design, implement, and manage a comprehensive reading skills program through innovative programming on PBS television for pre-and-elementary school children at risk of falling behind peers.


Curriculum Designed and Taught by Winslow

Writing Clearly: A VIP Guide

Winslow designed a ten-hour comprehensive curriculum, and taught it, to help VIPs and Subject Matter Experts manage their proposal writing. The curriculum had four modules:

Manage your reader’s comprehension
Manage the power of verbs
Manage persuasive proof
Give ‘em sizzle in PowerPoint presentations

Winslow also taught executives writing skills to establish a credible relationship with potential clients, get a point across fast, persuade with facts and story, and differentiate their company from the pack.

These modules are available for Winslow to teach to your executives and proposal writers.