Joyce Winslow

Joyce Winslow served as Travel Editor of Redbook and Mademoiselle magazines for a cumulative seven years. In addition to writing monthly stories there, she has published hundreds of feature and cover stories, interviews of celebrities, and heads of state in such top-tier publications as The Washington Post, The Wall St. Journal, USA TODAY, The Boston Globe, Harper’s, Town and Country, Yankee, Working Mother, The Baltimore Sun, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and more.

Winslow served as Senior Editor of AARP’s Modern Maturity magazine after its substantial redesign by famed I ♥ NY artist Milton Glaser. She also created, selected, and edited a special fiction issue, and assigned and edited food, travel, health, and feature articles.

In addition to practicing journalism, Winslow teaches journalism and PR. Experience includes: Associate Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh (beat reporting, feature reporting, advertising, and PR); adjunct at Temple University in Philadelphia (journalism, advertising copywriting, fiction writing); teacher and member of the advisory committee for the MA in Corporate Communications at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey (post-graduate level speech writing; literary journalism; terrorists in fiction). Student evaluations placed her in the 90th percentile of “interesting, favorite, and effective” professors. Winslow has lately taught travel journalism at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, MD, earning ten out of ten possible points in evaluations from each of 20 students enrolled.


Recent Book Publication


Star Spangled Security: Lessons Learned Over Six Decades Safeguarding America, by Harold Brown with Joyce Winslow, Brookings Institution Press, October 2012. Winslow interviewed former Secretary of Defense Harold Brown (under Carter) for two years and translated those interviews into a book that bridges his past to his blueprint for meeting future challenges. Jacket cover praise came from Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, and Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Henry Kissinger.





  • 1999-2009: 13 signed editorials in USA Today and The Washington Post

  • 2005-2009- publications in The Wall St. Journal, The Baltimore Sun and more.

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  • “Dalton, Massachusetts, The Town Paper Built,” Yankee, April, 1989.

  • Cover story: “The Town Where Rattlesnakes Live Next Door,” Yankee, August, 1987.

  • “A tasty tour of the vines of Virginia,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, March, 1986.

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