Joyce Winslow

Winslow created Dining With Heart© ™ after her father suffered a heart attack. (She has written extensively about food for McCalls’ Working Mother magazine and taught in two cooking schools.) Hospital surveys reveal that 60% of heart patients stop dining out or limit it. Many patients want to avoid making their medical conditions public, especially in work-related situations. Often, wait staff don’t know ingredients or can’t take time in busy meal hours to “bother the chef.” As for “little hearts” on restaurant menus, these “stigmatize” patients and often limit them to boring dishes or food “without” something. No one likes to be “without.”

Winslow changed that by directly working with restaurant chefs to put healthy, delicious dishes on separate menus. All dishes are approved by the sponsoring hospital’s cardiac team. Winslow advertises the program in local news outlets. She enables foolproof monitoring of restaurants to ensure legal and medical compliance. She helps the hospital with outreach to patients and interested public and garners publicity for the hospital—for one inclusive fee.

The program has substantially raised visibility for each sponsoring hospital and delivered 10,000-20,000 potential patients by name and address. Dining With Heart© ™ has received kudos from patients and physicians, and created good will toward a sponsoring hospital within its community.

Winslow’s experience enables the program to be fully up and running within two weeks of launch. She does the work; the hospital receives the credit.

Dining With Heart© ™ has sponsoring hospitals in Washington, DC; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA; Cherry Hill, NJ; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and more. Sold to only one hospital per market area, hospitals have the option of leasing the program for one year or buying it outright in their market areas.

By keying cash registers at some 200 participating restaurants, Winslow proved to chefs that DWH selections comprised up to 50% of patron choices. Grateful DWH patrons tip generously and become repeat customers.

Winslow received Restaurant and Institution’s Magazine Award for one of 50 People to Watch for Dining With Heart© ™.



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